First of many.

Right, It’s time.

Busted my balls saving for a year and I’m off; leaving behind my mates, family and job. And my pushbike, but don’t worry, I’ve heard you can hire them in South America, check!

I’m off on a journey of self discovery, exploration, cultural enlightenment and just general mischief. First time giving both solo and long term travel a go, I’m sure I’ll be fine…

The plan so far is fly from Sydney (home) to Cairo on the 6th of March, spend 3 nights there and head either north to Alexandria via train for some diving or south towards Luxor, WING IT!

I’m currently taking bets on the first time that I:

  •  get rolled
  •  get beaten up for fun
  •  get lost
  •  lose my shit
  •  get the runs
  •  have something flogged
  •  shag a swede

Below I’m also going to list my packing list, just to see how much of this stuff stays with me for the year and how much get tossed cause I’m an over-prepared Nazi.


  • SLR camera (still need a few lessons in using this, I’m sure the quality of photo will improve over the trip)
  • under water camera
  • tripod (makes for hectic photos)
  • 10inch netbook (for blogging and photos)
  • 32GB flash drive (backing up all the photos and travel docs)
  • ipod + speakers (train rides with crazy locals are long)

Clothing (attempting for minimal)

  • thermals (I heard Ireland is cold!)
  • hoodie
  • Paclite Goretex jacket
  • nylon quick dry pants (yes, the gay khaki zip off kind)
  • jeans (skinny ones)
  • 3-4 t-shirts
  • 2 singlets
  • boardies
  • shorts
  • 5 briefs
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • hiking shoes
  • thongs
  • everyday shoes
  • beach towel
  • long sleeve button up (for the ladies, and the mosquitoes)
  • budgie smugglers (representing Australia)
  • snorkel & mask (for random snorkel opportunities)


  • padlocks
  • dry sac (dirty smelly clothes)
  • universal sink plug (for in sink clothes washing)
  • clothes line (stretchy pegless one)
  • toiletries
  • sewing kit (2 needles, black thread, white thread, yes I can sew! No homo)
  • flashlight (for taking a load off in the dark)
  • pillow case (zebra print of course)
  • silk sac (for the particularly dirty hostels)
  • travel adapters
  • deck of cards (drinking games)
  • zip lock bags
  • small first aid kit + medicine
  • 18L daypack


  • Passport
  • Licence x2
  • International drivers licence
  • travel insurance
  • vaccination/shot details (yellow fever)
  • 28 day GE money credit card (couldn’t get a spare)
  • American Express Prepaid credit card (Euros) + spare
  • American Express Prepaid credit card (US dollars) + spare

And all of that is supposed to fit into a 60L Osprey Aether (including the day pack). Hmm……


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