It begins…

Thank you emirates, job well done. The flight to Dubai felt a lot shorter than 14hrs; this was probably due to the fact that all 4 Pirates of the Caribbean movies took up half the time. Plus throw in a little chess, mini golf and the occasional snooze in the comfy seats and I’ve pretty much explained that one.

Dubai airport is huge; I think it took a solid 15mins to walk from where I got off the plane to my departure terminal. You could fill a few hundred semis with the amount of duty free cigarettes, alcohol and electronics on offer. I bought myself a ‘learn to speak Arabic’ book for 30AED (which turns out to be $7, should have bought more shit). Flying out of DXB, I wouldn’t mind exploring it, but I’ll have to save that for a later date.

4 hrs later I got off the plane at Cairo and looked for my bag (it survived) and my taxi man in the distance. Turns out in Egypt they don’t understand lining up, it’s just a free for all. I thought back to the time when I was getting onto the plane in DXB and an old Arab lady pushed past me. I’ll later go on to find out that is the norm when doing anything; getting food, getting a train ticket, you just have to push forward and get there first. Still feels rude though.

Anyway, welcome to Cairo, a city of a million smells. The traffic here is insane, we are travelling on road between the airport and the hostel which is signposted 60km/h but the cab is going anything from 0 – 120km/h. Family’s walking across the road, horn’s going off left right and centre, high beams flashing non-stop. But this is normal, this is Cairo.

I arrive at Dina’s hostel at around 7pm, meet my 4 roommates, which was everyone staying there. They could tell I had just arrived from Aus as I was probably the only person in Egypt wearing shorts. I suppose they can just sit in the bottom of my bag until I go diving.


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