Tourist prices vs local prices

Everything in Egypt has 2 prices:

  • Entrance to the pyramids/museum (previous blog)
  • The train – from Cairo to Aswan, tourist are restricted to first class (US$60 for sleeper, 170LE for seated), locals can pay approx 40LE for the same train, although not first class
  • The ferry – getting the local ferry from Aswan to the west bank to visit the ‘tombs of the nobles’ (30 LE) which are cut into the side of a small mountain (probably should have read a little more about their significance). The ferry man assured me that the cost for crossing was 5LE, i assured him it was 1LE, he then proceeded to tell me that the tourist price was 5LE, locals are 1LE. We settled for 2LE and i got on. (2LE is actually only 30cents but that’s beside the point!).
  • Everything else – buying oranges for the felucca ride, the shop keeper initially says 60LE/kg ($10), we laugh then suddenly its 5LE. Amazing, nice try mate. Also, we managed to barter a shop keeper for 500mL cans of Stella (local egyptian) beer down to 12LE ($2) which I thought was pretty impressive

I think I need to learn more Arabic and change the way I dress. Maybe walk around with an AK, pretty popular round here.

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