Felucca family

Let’s start by introducing everyone.

1.       Chantelle the felucca tout – I met this Victorian while having dinner in Aswan Moon; she was hunting for people to join her sailing a felucca up the Nile to Luxor. Chantelle later went on to become the family’s tour guide, always quick to inform us of the significance of various temple/ruins.

2.       May the sex tourist – Also from Victoria, May came to Egypt to find love from young Egyptian boys, this is at least what the Egyptian population thought. For example, the mini bus operator on the way to Abu Simble (my great grandpa) tried to convince May for 3.5hrs that it was over between her and her partner, that she had found new love with an Aswan driver and that it was fate that they happened to be travelling on the same road and were the same age. May didn’t seem to think so, but it made for a good laugh for rest of the family. I should also take a moment to explain where sex tourist came from. Luxor is known for sex tourism; where older single western women come to find ‘love’ with young Egyptian boys and as May was travelling by herself this was clearly the case. Also I think she secretly liked all the attention.

3.       Me – dubbed ‘pharaoh’ by the other 2 members of the family because apparently my face is symmetrical and looks like the statue of Ramses II (great grandpa) at Abu Simble, the girls are yet to back this claim with a photo.

The family’s relationship grew stronger over a traditional Nubian dinner in a village guesthouse (Baba dool) on Elephantine Island in Aswan overlooking the botanical garden on Kitchener Island, a felucca sail around the islands and a drink at the Movenpick ‘New York style’ bar which wasn’t at all an accurate description.

On Tuesday 13th March we embarked on our 2 night sail up the Nile. Highlights of this trip included (but were not limited to): having no toilet, not actually sailing anywhere for the first day, having 6 Canadians as unplanned guests to join us for day 2, 2hrs of stunning/forbidden night time sailing and sleeping like sardines on a tiny deck.

We arrived in Luxor on the 15th and decided to spurge a bit of money on ‘Nefertiti hotel’ (100LE/night, $17) for some rooftop deck chairs overlooking the Nile, the valley of the kings and Luxor temple.

Tomorrow unfortunately we will part our separate ways. I was nice to meet you felucca family, I enjoyed my time with you and hopefully our paths cross again.

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