Dahab, OMG!!

Dahab is the shit; this small hippy-ish town on the Red Sea is a haven for scuba, snorkelling, wind surfing and kite surfing (it’s windy nearly every day). Unfortunately I could only spend 7 nights here; though this was enough for 13 dives (inc my advanced PADI) and some snorkelling, got to go to the Blue Hole and Canyon twice! Few decent pubs here as well which was a first for Egypt.

With respect to diving, the water was a lovely 21 degrees and visibility generally between 15-25m (although it did drop to 5-10m on the odd occasion); I think I need to get my PADI instructor and come back here, all the instructors (scuba, wind surfing and kite surfing) have it made here. At the moment I think the place is running at about 20% capacity.

Outline of scuba prices as follows:

–          Open water: approx 200 euro
–          Advanced PADI: 144 euro
–          Shore dive (inc guide): 18 euro
–          SS thistlegorm (bus to sharm, boat, 3 dives, lunch, 3am to 8pm): 95 euros

I didn’t feel I learnt as much as I should have from the advanced course, probably why it’s so cheap but whatever, got my ticket, which lets me dive SS Thistlegorm.

The Blue Hole was crazy, both times I went we entered at Bells which is like a giant slippery slide which shoots out at 25m. You stop, look around and all you see is a giant wall which spans from the surface to as far down as you can see (it’s actually a 300m drop). You then swim along the wall until you drop over a small high section and you fall into the Blue Hole. The hole had about 30 divers, 20 snorkelers and a few loopy free-divers dressed like space cadets (green rubber suits and giant mono-fins.

The other epic dive was the Canyon which as the name suggests is a large underwater crack. You’d want your advanced for this one to get the most out of it.

See you next time…

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