12km in thongs (Petra) – representing Australia

The last week has just been nuts:

31/3/2012 – climbing Mt Sinai, approx 700m climb over 7km, took a guide around the back valley, watched the sunset and descended down 3700 steps at night (4km), guide ditched us on the way down, little bastard.

1/4/2012 – overnight in ferry dock, slept on bench inside departure lounge after waiting 22hrs, couldn’t leave the dock as my passport already had an Egyptian exit stamp, lived off really salty eggs + chips (the only hot food available)

2/4/2012 – arrived in Aqaba (Jordan), spent the night there

3/4/2012 – got bus at 7am to Wadi Rum, hiked approx 8km across desert and up small mountain

4/4/2012 – hiked 12km around Petra in thongs, climbed approx 1500 steps, no blisters!

5/4/2012 – hiked approx 8km around Petra, this time in proper shoes, found the small Siq by chance, saw the Treasury from the top, climbed another approx 1000 steps, followed an old river bd around the back of Petra.

No more steps! Need a relax day, legs are fucked (approx 40km).

Tips for people going to Petra:
Taxi to entrance from Wadi Rum: 2-3 JD
Cheap hotel: 10-15 JD/night
Dinner: 5-10 JD
Bottle of water: 0.5-1 JD
Ticket (1/2/3days): 50/55/60 JD
Best times to go: 6am – 9am, 4pm-7pm (majority of tourists are gone and sun is not as intense)

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