Guardian Angels

Roger, my Kiwi chiropractor mate who I visited Iraq with, told me of the guardian angels that always got him out of the shit during his extended travels. He told me you just need to recognise them and go with it.

Yesterday, I had my first of those experiences.

After climbing Mt Nemrut, I got Karadut Pension (which was awesome by the way, 30TL/night) to organise a bus to Kayseri via Kahta; this bit all went swimmingly minus a 1hr delay as the first bus wouldn’t start, but no bother. Arriving in Keysari at 9.30pm (8.5hrs, 40TL) I was expecting to sleep there but too my disbelief there were still buses running; I was told it was possible to get to Goreme that night. I got a 10pm bus to Nevsehir where the mother fucker dropped me off in the middle of butt fuck nowhere with another dude that didn’t speak English. It was now 11pm and I’d worked out there were no more buses to Goreme. The dude from the bus walked me to a few hotels around the area but these were all 4-5 star joints set up for business people; was considering sleeping in a park at this stage. A passing stranger, who spoke reasonable English offered to show me one other cheaper place and offered for me to crash at his place. I was a little sceptical at first but I remembered what Roger said and went fuck it. Turns out my guardian was an Iranian Yoga instructor with some interesting travelling ideas.

The following day I got a bus to Goreme and everything was sweet, although there are a few too any tourist here.

Cheers for the hospitality mate. See you next time.

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