Cappadocia, waahhhh!!!

The last few days in Goreme (Cappadocia) have been fucken sweet; even though the weather wasn’t the best. And as Dave Keane put it, ‘Welcome to Europe!’, smart ass Irish cunt, I’d try say something witty but I’m sure it would just get thrown back at me.

Today was spent in ‘love valley’ or to those who can admit it, ‘penis valley’ (as you will see in the photos). Myself and my travel mate Nico Nico (hectic American dude) spent a good 30mins of our valuable time to ensure the best photographic opportunities were found to properly demonstrate the historical significance of these ancient fairy chimneys (see photos!).

As much as this place is thrashed by tourists it still has an amazing atmosphere and breath taking views. You only have to walk 10mins out of town before the civilization noises stop and you are surrounded by nature, spikey spikey nature; the kind of spikey where you lose your cool after 30mins due to the amount of skin being ‘borrowed’ by the nature because you decided to go off the marked trail and drop into a hectic looking valley. The weather may then turn to a lightning storm and you’ll spend the next 45mins with a Gerber multi-tool (cheers Wayne Grace) digging into the side of a rock face to create a dozen foot/hand holes to climb back out of the valley and find another less spikey valley. You will then later enjoy some tea followed by a shower and more pain.

Anyway, I think the point is everyone needs to visit this place at least once in their life, I will definitely be passing through here on my second pass of Turkey in a few weeks, this time with a tent living like a cave man. This time I stayed at Shoestring Hostel, cool place, amazing buffet breakfast, 20TL/night.

And if you don’t get lost at least once here your doing something wrong.


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