Sille, don’t be???

After a last minute chat to a 50-60yr old American lady going through a mid life crisis in Cappadocia (quit job, travel for a few months) I delayed my trip south to the Mediterranean by a few days and visited Konya slightly west of Goreme. Konya is supposed to be hardcore conservative Muslim city but there must a university nearby judging by the amount of stunners prancing around. The city centre has a warm feel about it and I was quite content walking around from 4-5hrs just looking; this isn’t normally the case when visiting cities for me. Myself and Nico Nico (met in Goreme) went on a day trip to a small village 10km west of the city called Sille. There were quite a number of highlights to this day, including:

– climbed a small mountain overlooking the whole town
– sat down at a local tea shop and learnt how to play backgammon from a local with a hectic moustache, jealous
– drank tea (always a highlight!)
– saw a dude covered in blood who looked like he’d been in a horrific car accident, turns out they were filming a movie in the area and it was all makeup
– met the foreman of a $350k ancient church restoration and got an afterhours tour in which we could take photos, the foreman was quite nervous about getting caught taking tourists in and we ended up locked inside for an extra 30mins waiting for other people to leave the area

Anyway , check out the photos, hectic.

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