What an interesting couple of days

I arrived in Olympos with expectations of hidden mountains ruins, a beautiful sunny remote beach, visiting Chimera (un-extinguishable flaming natural gas vent) on Mt Olympos and SCUBA diving in the Med. What actually happened was so much better…

So the first day was spent putting up my new tent (you could tell it had been a few years), reading, visiting the beach (trying to find a different place to stay but not possible) and just generally lazing about. The next morning I was invited to join a group (who had their own evil hidden agenda which was later admitted to me) of three Turks from New York; turned out to be some really interesting people, think I need to visit New York.

I’d say it was about 2-3hr into meeting these people before they worked out I was a little retarded; I nearly split my head open on stone doorway while exploring some ruins (yes it hurt, yes there was blood, yes there is now a hilarious scab on the peak of my head). Fortunately, with a little first aid, I made a quick recovery and headed to the beach.

I really didn’t mind having to walk 500m through a beautiful 2000 year old ruined city to get to the beach but the buggers close and guard it after 7pm, wankers! Luckily for us, we all had ninja-like skills which we used to sneak in two groups of two through the dry river bed past the ‘turkish mountain police’ who were guarding the entrance gate (no wonder they didn’t make it as real police if people can get away with that kind of shit 10m behind there posting). We continued under a fence, through some currently under excavation ruins and down the main path. Mind you, there was a little bit of a freak out when random torch lights were coming to towards us, thought we were gone for sure. What followed on the beach was absolutely gold…

… A night with the whole beach to ourselves chilling on the sand between a cliff face and the water. Liven it up a little by throwing in some beer, a torch on strobe and loud music and you get one epic 10m tall dancing silhouette show for any boats in the bay. I’d say that night, the rest of Olympos, you missed out. At around 3am we called it quits and tried not to wake anyone in camp on our return, were possibly a little noisy. Sorry Cuneyit.

The following day, after a well deserved 11am sleep in, we headed back to the beach to soak up some much needed sun. It was a day of beer, swimming, eating insect repellent, backflips, posing for photos, hiking and ultimately sunburns; such a difficult life.

I’m leaving tomorrow for Kas; I feel as though what was meant to happen here did. I’ll leave the SCUBA diving and flame vents for next time. Two days I’ll remember for a long time, hopefully it’s not too long until we met again.

Note to self: spend more time choosing the place you set up your tent, that way, when it rains half of it isn’t in a puddle.

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