The Lycian Way (well part of it at least)

After my epic 2 days in Olympos I headed to Kas where I got in a little SCUBA (mostly wrecks, not too many fish, still cool. I ran into Damon (Holland) by chance (who I originally met in Olympos). He was planning to walk part of the Lycian Way (100km of 509km) with his mate Heather (America). Thought it would be a perfect opportunity to test out my tent and hiking shoes while seeing some of Turkey’s most beautiful undisturbed coastline.

The trip:

Diet – I met some of the friendliest people so far and I think I’ve learnt a few things from them. There was a section of the hike where there were no shops for 1.5days and we were starting to get low on food. Walking past a graveyard in a town of 8 houses we were approached by a kind man from Fethiye who was mourning the death of a local. The man explained to the 3 of us how his father has raised him and proceeded to give us 2-3kg of tomatoes, peepers, bread and biscuits. This kept us fed for 1.5days, nice one. Thanks mate.

We were offered home cooked food from a 20year mother in Bel; the most delicious soup I had in turkey, thick vegetable soup with a little chilli. In good faith, we either offered money of gifts as thanks (English-turkish dictionary is perfect for this, turks love to talk!)

The most important item of food on the trip was Nutella and white chocolate chips from Nepal (Heather you hectic bitch!); Nutella on bread, Nutella on tomatoes, Nutella/biscuit/choc chip/snickers on bread, Nutella with every meal! Yum!

Quote of the trip: “What? Are you on a fucken diet!?”

Sleeping – Sleeping ranged from setting up camp on a lemon farm, the frontyard of a carwash business, in a field full of grasshoppers and a patch of grass with green fireflies. The tent worked out fine and my $4 sleeping mat did the job.

The Gear/pack – Unfortunately I did the hike with a 60L/20kg pack; it took 3 days for my legs to grow used to this torture. Before we started we briefly met a Finnish girl who was fairly experience with hiking, the conversation went as follows:

Me: We can do it in 4 days, 25kms per day
Girl: *looking at me doubtfully*You won’t make it.
Me: *slapping my legs* I’ll be right.
Girl: The backpack is new? Have you ever hiked before?
Me: Nope, I’ll be right!
Girl: Do you have any military training?
Me: Nope.
Girl: *looks at me like there’s a screw missing*
Me: Stop being so negative! I’ll be fine.

So after we made camp night I decided that the Fin had a point and I should reduce weight. Damon and Heather took particular interest in throwing out anything not necessary, this included: a beach towel, a book, a thermos, some spare shorts, a “Dahab, Red Sea Diving” t-shirt, hairspray and my spare shoes. Approx 2kgs down from the original 22kg, better than nothing. And by the way, Columbus shoes are shithouse for serious hiking in, got smashed by blisters and yes they were worn in. I’ll buy some Merills in Istanbul.

Getting lost – Red and White paint waypoints, sometimes your excellent, othertimes I think the dude who put them there was drunk. Two marks in different directions, waypoints missing, waypoints through a farmers land with a super angry dog protecting his sheep. We got lost a few times (sometimes up to 1 hr), but this generally ended up in us getting a lift back to where were supposed to go if not further.

The View – I don’ even think there’s a word for the views we saw. 600m above untouched coast line, small villages still living the traditional life, a 1hr old baby goat, fuck it. Just look at the pictures, my level of English can do the photos justice. Actually the photos can’t do what we saw any justice either. You’ll just have to do the walk yourself!

You were excellent company guys and I hope we met again. Hectic!


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