After successfully hitch-hiking (Turkish: autostop) 630km from Efesus (Selcuk) over 2 days (sleeping in a farmer’s field) myself and hiking buddy Damon (Hollander). We arrived to a hostel full of fucken Aussies! The week in Istanbul didn’t actually involve any mosques or museums. I spent my time:
–          Socialising (drinking)
–          Being hungover
–          Not sleeping
–          Visiting a Turkish club (in Neveizade), learned to shake some tail feather to swing /electronic/rock tunes with the new crew (Damon, Nick, Calvin), 2 lovely Scots (Kerry and Fiona) and 3 other Aussies.
–          Tanning on the terrance looking over the whole city
–          Exploring Istanbul on foot
–          Chilling in the park between all the mosques
–          Shaving a mohawk into Nick’s head (asian Mr T)
–          Istanbul style 6am breakfast on the rooftop of the adjacent building
–          Best of all I’d say was ‘le poop’, a one night only electronic night club on the roof top of the hostel, only the coolest kids were allowed in. Unfortunately the building owners shut us down at around midnight and we had to kick on downstairs in the actual bar. Got stuck in some sheesha , some more beer and we were loving it Turkish style. Sorry Sultan, maybe have destroyed some property.

Tomorrow the Scots are leaving for home (was a crazy few days/nights), the Aussies are off the Gallipoli (typical), Damon is off the Egypt (been a good couple of weeks mate, see you in Holland) and I’m off to live with Cuneyit (Crazy New York-Turkish-German dude I met in Olympos) for a week or 2, smash the gym and enjoy some more of Istanbul’s delights.

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