Crossing the Turkey/Iran border (Razi)

Got a mini bus from Van the Razi border crossing (was told the bus would go to Khoy). Took about 30mins to get through the border with only 1 slight hiccup when we realised the spelling on my visa was Pagowksi instead of Ragowski. Ended up sitting down with the boss for a further 30mins drinking tea, welcome to Iran! I changed 50 euro at the border and i then haggled for a taxi, you should be able to get a shared taxi for around 50,000IR-75,000IR to Khoy (after walking off and letting one of them chase you) but he will wait in the next town for 30mins or so until it is full. A private taxi costs 200,000IR.

Border exchange rate 19,000IR = 1euro (should be 22,000)

As a general rule of thumb, 30,000IR for every hr of driving in shared taxi

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