Kaleybar (Babak castle)

The taxi dropped me off on Mystery Steet, Kaleybar; good start. I found a building that looked like a bus/plane office hoping to find some English but nope. They did however understand ‘hotel’ and ‘taxi’ and managed to organise one to drive me across town (for 60cents!) to a hotel (a fucken 4 star one). I eventually found a hotel for a reasonable price but with an owner who spoke little/no English. Fortunately, the owner had a friend in town (i suppose everyone in town is your friend when there are only 13,000 people) who is an English teacher. Meet Mr Maleki, a local english teacher. Mr Maleki drove to the hotel, played translator and ended up giving me a lift up the hill to the start of the hike to Babak fortress (which is what I came to the town for), what a dude! Thanks mate.

The hike took about 1hr with some amazing views over the town and distant valleys. For anyone that plans to visit Babak and has a tent, get a taxi up the mountain (30,000IR) and there is a summer camp and small restaurant, light a fire at night and just chill, the town itself is nothing too special. After hitch hiking back down the mountain (from a dude with a jeep who was about 16), I was walking through town when i was stopped by 2 english speaking locals, the lads drove me around town, practiced some English and had a good laugh, i think the mentality of Iranian youth is very close to that of Australian’s. Oh and we got ice cream, score!

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