Welcome to Europe

Right, so my first impression of Europe; after getting a ferry from Bodrum (Turkey) to Rhodes (a Greek Island) I was officially in the EU. I arrived to a €10 (yes, finally using a serious currency), 2 bed dorm room complete with a passed out Englishman (Dave) and some vomit on the floor (smelt lovely). On a positive note, the beer is cheap (€1, Belgium beer for €3), there is a kitchen, and the beach/women are delicious. Cheers.

Rodos (Rhodes Town) was quite picturesque, although jammed full of near naked tourists. Rodos is best enjoying sleeping at the beach all day, enjoying an afternoon beer or 3, and then exploring the backstreets of the old town at around 7pm; when all the day trip fuckers return to Turkey and the sun is no longer scorching. Best experience was finding a set of stairs (near Koskinou Gate/Kokkini Pyli) with a locked gate to get on top of the 10-20m wall surrounding the old town. Just make sure the locals don’t see you; apparently it’s open for a period during August. Walking the possible 1km stretch ending at the Palace of the Grand Masters was beautiful at sunset, nice find Dave.

I spent 3 nights in Rodos; mostly making up for the lack of alcohol and nudity in Iran (after a similar effort in Bodrum) before calling it quits and heading to Crete. Getting the ferry was fun; arriving at the port at 3.47pm for a 4pm ferry then being told I was at the wrong port and the actual one was 20mins away. 9mins later sprinting with 27kg on my back and I made it, power!!! (need to lose some of this weight)

Hopefully Crete will involve a little less drinking and lots more exploring.

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