Crete is fucken hectic.

Now that I have got that out of my system let me tell you why. Besides the usual drinking beer and lying on the beach for countless hours, I managed to squeeze in a few other bits of fun in the nearly 2 weeks I spent on this lovely Island.

I hired a 70cc 2-stroke (noisy as fuck) dirtbike to take me exploring. Once you move away from the northern coast (tourists) you find dozens of un-occupied beaches, small quirky towns in the hills, beautiful gorges to walk and best of all, empty mountain roads with minimal potholes (although you do get the odd cluster of goats). Check out the map and photos for what I’m talking about!

I was joined by Corinne (awesome Italian bird who I met on my final days in Iran) on a 4 day, sleeping on the beach, getting super smelly (you can only be so clean after having a shower with a block of soap in the Med) tour of western crete (see map). Was a shit load of fun (I only nearly killed us twice) and hopefully there’s another adventure to follow soon! Also, I think Corrine may have worked out I’ve never actually doubled anyone before…


Part1 photos


Part2 photos

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