I think the highlight of my 4 days in Santorini was working off the bruise on my ass from 9 days of riding a motorbike around Crete. Santorini itself is an amazing island, but only after you see through the touristic bullshit and meet some other travellers. I was starting to have my doubts about it when I arrived to a hostel full of drunk 18-21yr old Aussies (might you, many were not bad to look at). Fortunately I met a few other ‘travellers’ and we started to feel normal again.

Activities included going on a wine tour around the Island (which is known for having some of the best white wine in the world), went scuba diving over a dormant volcano seeing virtually zero fish (too much sulphur in the water), went for an 1.5hr climb to the tallest point on the island, swam around part of the old crater to climb up the vertical rock face and dive back in (even managed to find a cave to swim into), plenty of fun on the beach, and finally as in the true Greek Island/Australian spirit, drunk at least 1.5L of beer every day.

I would have loved to have stayed longer than the 4 days I did but I am getting rather good and getting stuck in places. Off to Athens next to stay with George and Dim who I met in Jordan and did Petra and Wadi Rum with. Hectic.

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