Hippies, nudists and waterfalls

On recommendation by Georgios (who I stayed with in Athens), I spent 4 days on a tiny Island called Samothraki; and I reckon this is one of Greece’s finest. Hidden in the north-east Aegean Sea, this tiny Island doesn’t have all the drunken Aussie tourists found elsewhere. The island is covered in dozens of hidden waterfalls and mineral water pools which attract many ‘alternative peoples’ (that’s what they call themselves, I called them hippies). I never really got used to waking up to a nudist walking past my hammock brushing his teeth on the way to the beach for a wash. But in all honesty I didn’t really care as I was sleeping in the forest in a hammock between 2 trees, 20m from the beach.


1. The campsite and camp buddies || 2. 35m waterfall on Fonias “killer” river

My camping buddies were a Serbian couple (Andrej and Marijana) who hitchhiked to Greece from Belgrade and German hippie couple (Daniel and Romina); pretty sweet group. A typical day consisted of waking up, a shower in the sea, cooking breakfast on the fire, beach, drink, beach, drink, drink, sleep with the occasional hike thrown in. Myself, Andrej and Marijana climbed the tallest peak (around 1600m) one of the days (which the map said would take 4hrs up, it took 11hrs, fuckers). In true Serb spirit, Rakia was consumed at the peak, good times.


3. A dead oak tree along the climb up the mountain || 4. letting balloons go at the peak

Next on the agenda is a quick stop in Kavala to visit the crew I climbed Olympus (2918m) with and replenish supplies/gear. To date here’s the damage to my gear, including loses:

–          Casio watch, lost (that’s right Christine, sad face)

–          Waterproof camera, screen broken, still works

–          Good camera (Panasonic GF3), takes photos on a 5degree tilt

–          Ipod, main button broken, can’t turn on or off, replaced

–          2 knives lost and replaced

–          Columbia hiking boots, broken after rough 100km, replaced with Saloman boots (excellent)

–          Prescription glasses, arm broke off, repaired

–          Legs for my zipoff pants, lost

–          1 woollen hiking sock, lost and replaced

–          Handle on backpack broken, needs to go to England

–          Waistbelt clip on daypack broken, need to replace

–          ‘Marcs’ brand sunglasses broken, not replaced

–          Hat, lost

All of this after 6months. I don’t think that’s too bad is it?

2 thoughts on “Hippies, nudists and waterfalls

  1. Oh no…. NOT the Casio? And we thought it would just soldier on… If I had a fixed address u bum, I’d send u another one x

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