Bulgaria, this bitch be ballin’

After my first day in this country I knew it would be a blast. After the week of hiking, spend 2 nights in Sofia (should have stayed longer), although I didn’t do anything touristy (managed to not take a single picture), 2 nights in Veliko Tarnovo’s old town (very pretty) where I met some super cool people before joining Kerry (of Istanbul’s ‘Le Poop’) and Ellie for a week of drinking, dancing, verbal diarrhoea, breaking furniture, coffee and just general mischief.

On advice from a Bulgarian, we spent 2 nights at small hippie beach 30km north of Burgas called Irakli (not in Lonely Planet, ballin’). Staying in tiny bungalows, wicked view, no other foreigners, eating breakfast above the beach. Finishing up in Varna; shoes off, on the sand, shaking ass to funk. Quotes of the week include: “in and around the face”, “only bloody ready” and of course “this bitch be ballin’”. Miss you guys already!!

As for the ballin’, Bulgaria has the best and cheapest salads I’ve ever tasted (450g, €2), excellent meat platters (800g, €8), 2L bottles of beer (€1.50), ‘Raffy’ ice cream stalls on every corner (€7.5/kg) and delicious cheeses and yogurt (especially the one with the old lady on the front). It’s the first country I’ve been in where I’ve gotten plastered on a beach bar till 3-4am (feet actually in sand!), checked my wallet when I got home and only spent €25. Anyways, I think you get the point. Bitch be ballin’.

Onwards to Romania!


1. Irakli beach || 2. Cubo beach bar (Varna) || 3. the cathedral (Varna) || 4. what a ballin’ bunch (me, Ellie, Kerry) || 5. casually looking sexy as

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