Drive it like a rental!

In traditional Top Gear spirit, I’ve hired myself a Dacia Logan; the original reasonably priced car (at €22/day I’d say this is an understatement). After a quick bit of schooling from German-Latvian couple Julian and Yana (not to mention a handful of near misses), I was ready to change gears with my right hand. Driving in Romania follows one simple rule; if you’re not the fastest person on the road, you’re driving too slow. Constantly 20-30km/h over the speed limit, overtaking at any opportunity and going around corners on a 2 lane road 3 cars/trucks/horse-carriage wide.

Top Gear dubbed the Transfaragasan highway the best driving road in the world, had to check it out. Ended up driving the road again the next day, then the hostel told me of another one which is apparently better. So off I went to the Transalpina highway, and yes this one is better to drive on, you just don’t get the spectacular camera shots you get on the Transfaragasan because of trees.

Also visited some of the crazy castles and cathedrals in Transylvania as well as the village where the opening scenes of Borat were filmed (Glod, Romania). I’d say that the village successfully sued the production company because every house was under renovation. Some rather interesting looking people (lots of toothless gypsies).

In summary, broken power-steering, a misfiring engine and one happy tourist (got all of my deposit back as well).


1. The start || 2. Dacia Logan with Julian and Yana || 3. Transfaragasan || 4. Transalpina || 5. Glod (Borat’s village) || 6. Bran castle || 7. Funky balcony in Brasov

One thought on “Drive it like a rental!

  1. Driven like a true Romaniac (don’t be gentle, it’s a rental)! The schooling was a miniscule effort of self-preservation, though. Nice one on the power steering as well. I thought the Dacia was sturdier than this. I would’ve loved to give it a spin on the Transfagarasan, but the fever induced constant nodding off prevented that… I guess for the better, otherwise one of those log-lorries might’ve gotten the better of us (they tried hard enough).

    Anyway, it was a good ride and it feels quite weird to be back in the home of orderly road conduct.

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