New York City (212!)

This place is pure ballin’; a city full of uber cool people. For example:

–        the 60-something year old man getting the subway wearing leather high-tops and a flat brim cap

–        the man hanging off the back of a city garbage truck in Manhattan wearing a giant diamanté ear ring

Everyone has his or her own style and everything is acceptable. And the coolest of the cool live in Greenpoint/Williamsburg, the home of the hipsters. Guess where I was staying, smiley face. I can define hipster as the following: hairy, flannel, high-tops, skinny jeans, mis-match style, vintage, instruments, headphones.

I managed to get a little sight seeing in before hurricane Sandy struck. Had some fried chicken in Harlem, had Macdonalds in Times Square, had a birds eye view of the city from the top of the Empire State, ate chinese food in China Town (delish), walked through central park, walked the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges and went designer label op-shopping in East village. Leaving for Boston tomorrow but I’ll be back in 3 weeks when hopefully most of the city is repaired. Can’t wait!

We were quite fortunate during the storm. The street out the front flooded 2-3foot with a foot of water filling the bottom floor of the apartment. I watched the water rise the window line on a BMW parked around the corner. We somehow managed to keep power the whole night, we only lost internet for a few hours. Unfortunately the storm left something in the order of 60,000 houses without power and flooded the subway network so NYC is rather fucked.

Sadly, the Halloween parade was cancelled due the after effects of Sandy.


1. Times Square || 2. View from the Empire State || 3. Williamsburg bridge landing || 4. Dog pre-Sandy at Williamsburg Pier || 5. Banker St flooding || 6. Storm sky at midnight || 7. Halloween ICP chicks @ No Name pub (Greenpoint)

DSC_0093 DSC_0215DSC_0257DSC_0334DSC_0359DSC_0434DSC_0544

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