New Orleans, fuck yeah!

It took me a few days to really get into the swing of New Orleans, wish I could stay longer; awesome city.

Every tourist here has to do Bourbon Street at some point; see the over the top neon signs, have some mardi gras beads thrown at you (even on a Wednesday night), bullshit cocktails e.g. the ‘Shark attack’, which involves filling a glass with rum and lemonade, throwing in a plastic croc which floats around the top, then getting a hollow 20cm plastic shark, filling it with grenadine, ringing a giant bell behind the bar, yelling out shark attack then throwing the shark into the lemonade rum mix turning the entire drink blood red.

Magazine Street is amaze-balls; running for a few kilometres, you find yourself amongst some funky old house (some still decorated in Halloween kit), vintage clothing shops, antique shops, delicious food (Joey K’s restaurant), the odd hipster and some friendly homeless people.

The city is just a whole lot of art. Original jazz music live every night in the bars on Frenchman, the sculpture gardens and art museum in City Park, and countless art gallery’s on Julia Street in the warehouse district. Had a chat to a loopy artist named George Schmidt in his studio on Julia where I was shown how a lot of his art is made and the whole process behind producing a painting.

I even managed to squeeze a visit into the Projects (housing commission), sat down in a park, and watched to ghetto black kids run around. Shit got real, I lived, I put my camera away.

Everybody I met in New Orleans was super friendly, really cool city. It’s just a shame they built the thing 6 feet below the flood level (Katrina…)


1. Jazz in the park || 2. Sculpture Garden 1 || 3. Sculpture Garden 2 || 4. New Orleans Bridge || 5. Cranes at sunset || 6. Fishermen at the causeway

2012.11.06 USA - new orleans jazz bandDSC_0930 DSC_09462012.11.09 USA - new orleans bridge2012.11.10 USA - sunset cranes2012.11.10 USA - new orleans sunset fisherman

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