San Francisco

Certainly an interesting place, my first exposure to California. The US has struck me as a country where anything goes, saying that, Cali is also chocas full of drugs. The whole downtown area smells of weed; that’s because it’s legal here for medicidal purposes and pretty much anyone with $40 can have a ‘consultation’ with a ‘doctor’ and get a permit, crazy.

The Golden Gate Bridge is amazingly beautiful, riding across it on a bike is even better, really puts this 2.7km long span into perspective. The city itself is just a jungle of offices, trams, crack-heads, crazy homeless and gay people.

I think the most memorable moment was catching the tram through the mission district, looking around the carriage I noticed 2 men, clearly gay, a little too public/romantic for this time of day. Across from them was a lady with a screaming baby. In front of her was a black man, cracked lips, with an old school clear film canister containing 4-5 coins. The man (which I will refer to as ‘crackhead’ from this point forward) was shaking the film canister violently above his head and staring at the contents. Crackhead then proceeded to slowly pull something out of his pocket the size of a golf ball wrapped in a tissue. He this fumbled the tissue and spilt the contents all of his leg, it was crack powder. Crackhead then picked up the tissue, re-arranged it, wrapped the entire thing in a handkerchief, put it back in his pocket, cleaned the powder off his leg and continued shaking his film canister like nothing ever happened.


1. Unexpected snow storm at Denver airport || 2. Golden Gate Bridge || 3. Cali-style Porsche || 4. Muir woods (redwood forest) || 5. Don’t know about this one

DSC_6608 DSC_6927DSC_6934DSC_6951DSC_7192

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