Realisation in Hollywood

After spending a week in Hollywood I have had a few realisations.

Americans in general are actually quite harmless. In my 5 weeks in the states I have really met any hard asses, never really felt threated (a little while walking through the Projects in New Orleans and Compton in LA). Today I saw a 16year old boy get on a bus and sit opposite a roughly 55year old man on the bus, the kid noticed the old man also had an iphone5 and asked what he thought of it, old man answered no problem. Again, I’m going to say, Americans, in general are polite and harmless. I think in Australia, that would never happen; the kid wouldn’t ask and if he did the old man would think the little punk is trying to rob him.

On the other hand, in general, the American population is not a intellectual as other nations. While chilling around the skate park on Venice Beach I overheard a 10year old ask his mate (15) if he wanted to go smoke a joint. The fact that this is normal and that drugs are so easy to get in the country I think contributes to a lack of thirst for knowledge and puts a limit on the development of the brain. Then again, Americans are very vocal about their opinions and everything dispute is generally solved on the spot, without violence.

So my realisation, Australia, sort your shit out, stop being rude, use your manners, offer your seat when a senior gets on the bus and stop being so judgemental. I believe there’s a real fear in Aus for being different. Maybe there’s a reason the word cunt is used so much in Aus.

One other realisation, this ones a good one; in my 5 weeks, over 5 cities, I did not see a single homeless Mexican person. Good on ya’s. White Americans do not like to work and would much rather pay someone else do to the ‘shit’ jobs, and if they end up on the street I believe they are more likely to stay there than any of the minorities. Which by the way are no longer minorities. Spanish is the second language in the US, to the point where the majority of signs on any public transport are in both languages and signs on shops request job applicants are bi-lingual. I’d say your going to see some wealthy legal minorities soon.

As for LA, I went to a Lakers game, fucken amazing; so much energy. You are never bored even if the 48minutes of game-time actually takes 2.5hrs to finish. Getty Museum, best Art Museum I’ve ever seen, a huge (4 buildings) collection of painting, sculptures and other pieces over the last 1000 years. Also went to Universal Studios, very fun. And a few other Hollywood activities, which I can’t be bothered to write about.


1. Universal studios || 2. My man crush || 3. Chinese theatre (home of Academy Awards) || 4. Statue in the Getty || 5. Compton


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