Scotland – Isle of Skye

So I’ve fallen a little behind on my blog seeing as the last one was in LA. I have since returned to New York (amazing, as before), been hassled by Glasgow customs/immigration for not having papers and carrying a knife in my check-in, spent 5 days in Glasgow (wasn’t too impressed) and hired a car for a week of Scottish island hoping. Think I’m going to straight to the island hoping.

Initially expecting to only see Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland, the Isle of Skye was a nice surprise. I think hopping from city to city in the US left me slightly hungry for some fresh air and natural beauty. Fortunately an Italian bloke in my dorm had toured Scotland before and suggested the Isle of Skye would take care of that want. A quick Google search and it turns out National Geographic rated it the 4th best island in the world, SOLD! £104 later I had myself a car for a week.

Taking the opportunity, I also visited some of the Outer Hebrides islands; this is where Gaelic is still the first language (although everybody also speaks English), a boat carrying a quarter of a million bottles of whisky famously sank and the 200-odd residents got hammered for an eternity, and the Thailand government stole a photo of one of the amazing white-sand beaches and used it as their own in a Thailand advertising campaign.

The entire Island was just amazingly beautiful, the week started with snow and ended with lots of rain and a warm 10 degrees. Even managed to squeeze in a night on the drink to party with the locals of Portree to a Scottish Glam-rock band.

I think the most amazing thing about driving through Scotland is the scenery, which varies every 30mins (from snowy plateau, around 20km of Loch, through a forest, clear skies then pouring rain). Might be a few photos in this entry…


1. Little red rocket || 2. Snowww!!! || 3. Ferry to outer islands || 4. Going for a refreshing swim || 5. The Hostel || 6. Kilt rock || 7. Red! || 8. Super fun rollercoaster road || 9. A shaggy Highland cow || 10. Frozen Loch

DSC_7656 DSC_7685DSC_7693DSC_7757DSC_7827  DSC_7846DSC_7916DSC_7936DSC_8133DSC_8187

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