Good bye Scotland

There’s something quite relaxing about sitting on a ScotRail train, listening to Gaelic folk while staring out the window watching the sun peak through the clouds and lighting up the snow covered fields and houses. I think I just had a moment.

I really did find Scotland and it’s people rather content, particularly the case further north where the air was cooler and it rained more, which I found a little strange. But you really did feel something when you spoke to them, you felt they were at peace; maybe it’s the natural beauty surrounding them, perhaps the remoteness, maybe the simpler life or perhaps there really is something magical about this place. Or maybe it’s just the miserable weather leading to people stay inside, drink superb tasting whisky and shag each other sober. I think that’s it, must be the shagging.

Note to self, shag more, find peace.


1. St.GilesCatherdral || 2. North Berwick harbour



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