England vs. Ireland

Right so I’ve been mega lazy with my blog (probably because I’m at the end of my trip and can’t really be bothered).

Xmas and New Years has been spent catching up with friends from home as well as friends I’ve been fortunate enough to meet overseas. I want to thank you all for making my first (that I can remember) New Years/Xmas not in Australia an amazing one.

  • Kerry, Claudia and Sam (of Kilburn)
  • Ellie (not of Kilburn)
  • Nick, Calvin, Damon and Fiona (of Le Poop)
  • Dave, Donna, Steve and family, and Guinness (of Ireland)
  • Evan (hectic)
  • Linn, Sam and Sam’s family (kiss kiss)

In all my gratitude I have posted some memorable photos.

PS. If you haven’t worked it out by now, this blog has nothing to do with England competing again Ireland (although Ireland would probably win…).

Photos (you know who you are)

all the kilburns calvin claudia damon dave ellie evan guinness nick samuel steve

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